Spoil Me


So Many Ways to Spoil Me


Some Ideas for Spoiling Me

My Wish List: Things I could use and need.  From small and inexpensive, to small and pricey.  Beauty products, reading material, electronics, shoes, purses, gift cards, health items!

Beauty Tea: This is the amazing, delicious tea that keeps my skin so clear and glowing.  I adore it!  Sure could use a regular supply of this.  Or even one box!

Other Things I Enjoy:   If you prefer to surprise me by selecting something yourself and sending it to me, that would be lovely too!  I really like…

  • Sterling Silver jewelry
  • Beautiful Hair Ornaments
  • Gift Cards for restaurants in Phoenix
  • Movie passes (AMC or Harkins)
  • Gourmet popcorn (already popped)
  • Fine Dark Chocolates (ask me for an indoors shipping address so they don’t melt in the Arizona heat)
  • Anything regarding Spirituality
  • Celtic music (modern, traditional)
  • Gnomes

Giving gifts is not necessary…but it sure does get my attention.  And it lets me know that you are serious about forming a M/s relationship with me.