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My Schedule

My sweet callers…you are important to me.  Click this link to see my schedule & any expected changes.

Available by appointment outside of these hours.  Please email me at least 24 hours ahead to arrange.  Know that if you email me on my days off, I will not see your email until I sign in the next time.


Expected changes to my usual hours are posted on the Schedule page of my main blog.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to reach me, set an appointment with me.  Do read the following so you will know how best to reach me and the various options you have.

Please note the following

  • All my hours are noted in Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • I take calls a few nights a week, but only every other Thursday. Check here for updates/changes.
  • Changes to my hours are posted as soon as possible.
  • Because my start times can be approximate, watch for my status to appear as “available” on our site if you want to catch me right at the
    beginning of my posted hours for any shift.
  • You are welcome to call and ask dispatch when I will be in.  They are notified when I have a last minute deviation.
  • My vacations are planned well in advance, and they will be posted here as far ahead as possible. If I will be available for any calls
    when I am on vacation, that will be noted on my schedule as well. Those time slots fill up fast. It is recommended you make an appointment
  • Skype is used only for Skype sessions and setting up sessions.

Appointments With Me

Because of the high demand on my time, I recommend you set an appointment if possible.  Sometimes I can take an appointment outside of my scheduled hours.  Ask at least 24 hours ahead via email.  That appointment is set when you receive a confirmation email back from me.  When you set an appointment with me,  dispatch will reserve your time-slot for up to 10 minutes, so it’s a great way to make sure you can get through!  No being disappointed or having to wait for a call-back.  And don’t forget we now have “Click-to-Call”.  Use that and reach me in one quick step!  You may propose an appointment by sending me  e-mail:

If you want to find out whether I’m currently available for a call, just take a look at my blog page. High, on the right sidebar on this page (and on any page in my blog) is a little telephone with my availability listed. If I am on a call, it will be yellow.  So all you have to do is take a look at that little widget and it will give you my up-to-the-minute status!

Contacting Me & Staying in Touch:

The best way to reach me is to pick up and phone and call in.  Ask dispatch to speak with me.  Not ready to take that step?  Email me at    I answer all emails.

I LOVE it when you leave a comment for me on my blog postings.  I always respond.  We can have a conversation going that way!  *smile*

Again…I use Skype only for sessions and setting up sessions.

I am looking forward to talking with you sweet ones soon.

Miss Violet