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The Letter

I have a weird fetish.  How do I tell my wife about my Lift and Carry fetish? 

When we first met we used to give each other piggybacks.  After we married it stopped.  I messed up by not telling her prior to our marriage.  I asked for a piggyback last month and she replied “are you a kid?”  I don’t know what made her stop.

I’ve had mistresses do this for me.  They all enjoy doing it because of the challenge/exercise and say “You need to tell her.  It’s not as weird as you’re making it out to be.   If my man got turned on by this, I’d do it”.  I feel bad doing this though. Even though we don’t touch each other sexually, its wrong that I see them to fulfill my fetish.  

I’m not sure how to go about telling her.  I tried to block out the fetish but I can’t.  What is your advice?

Heavy Hearted

My Advice

Your fetish is not weird.  It is a unique fetish, but compared to some out there, your fetish is pretty tame.  So I agree with what your Pro Dommes have been saying in that your fetish is not as weird as you have thought.  I have known couples, in my personal life, who enjoy giving each other piggybacks, or horsey rides on all fours, or even picking each other up and carrying them around.  Nothing wrong with that, as long as everyone’s backs are nice and strong.

Taking a Step Back

It sounds like you have not actually told your wife that Lift and Carry is a fetish for you.  That getting and giving piggybacks is a sexual turn on for you.  Sharing your secrets can be scary.  So when you asked her for a piggyback ride, out of the blue, it probably seemed random to her.  I would like you to take a step back and see that conversation from her perspective.  You knew it turns you on.  She had no idea.

So it makes sense to take the next opportunity you have with her to have a serious conversation on this topic.  You can say something like, “Remember when I asked you recently for a piggyback ride?”  She will likely say something like, “Yes.  What was that about?”  She may laugh a little.  Do not be deterred.  She needs this important piece of the puzzle so this whole thing can make some sense to her.  This is where you say, “I never told you this, and I should have, but piggyback rides are a sexual turn-on for me.”  Your wife will probably be surprised and have some questions for you.  Answer them honestly and do not allow yourself to get emotional.  It’s okay if she, you, or both of you laugh a little.  It is an unusual fetish, but again…it is a harmless one.

A Whole New Game

Ask her to have some fun with you.  Give your wife a piggyback ride and tell her, specifically, what it is about doing it that turns you on.  Then, ask her if she would mind giving you one.  Again, tell her what it is about that experience that is so sexual for you.  If you cannot verbalize it now, give that some thought before you bring this up with her.  Hearing your explanation will help her gain some understanding about your fetish.  With understanding comes more acceptance.

Human Touch

There are many people who crave human touch more than anything else.  Perhaps this lift and carry fetish began for you in gaining some lengthy human touch.  It can be difficult to pinpoint the source of a fetish, and I feel it is usually a waste of time worrying about it.  You have this fetish.  It is a part of you.  It has not, and will not just go away.  So let’s put your energy into finding a way to incorporate it into your marriage.

If that proves to be impossible, have a serious talk with your wife about other ways you can get that need met, that are acceptable to her.  Your primary relationship is the core of your life and it deserves respect.  Many times, when a women understands that a fetish is so strong that you will need to find relief outside of the relationship if she is not willing to participate in some way, she finds a way to make it work between the two of you.  I am not advocating using this as leverage to get what you want.  But know that this could happen if other attempts fail.  This is one of the reasons I am such a fan of being open and honest from the start.

I’m Curious

It is likely that other readers of this blog have unique fetishes that they have discussed with their wives or girlfriends.  I would like to hear from you.  What is your fetish?  What did you say to your partner and how did that go for you?  If you have been able to include your fetish in your primary relationship, how did you do it?

Choosing the right Mistress gives you an outlet to explore your fetish via discussion, fantasy or roleplay.  This is important so you do not neglect your fetish entirely.

If you have a kinky question you would like me to answer, or unusual phone sex fantasies you have questions about, email your question to me at:   I will answer your question here in this blog.

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