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The Question:

I would like to know how long is proper to leave a sub in CBT?  Now, I know that there are several thoughts of what CBT should stand for.  I used to prefer Cock, Bondage & Torture to Cock & Ball Torture.  Of course, it actually stands for Controlling & Binding Toy.

But I was wondering how long is it safe to leave a sub bound?  The standard I have always heard/read is 20 minutes, but I have always thought 30 minutes was okay.  Recently I experienced several hours.  Is it possible to do that if tying the right part and in the right way?


My Answer:

You are always so amusing, toy.  While CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) may involve bondage, it does not have to.  I know that you enjoy being tied up.  It is a huge part of the turn-on for you.

What you really need to know is how long is it safe to leave a submissive’s cock and balls tied up?  Keeping CBT safe is an important issue and I am glad you asked.


The depends on how tightly the cock and balls are bound.  If it is tight, I would suggest untying them in 20 minutes, or less.  Should the cock and balls  begin to turn black, untie them immediately.  At any time the submissive is in extreme pain due to the bondage, untie them immediately.

Bondage is one of the areas of BDSM that lead to the “safety first” rule.  No matter how much you enjoy having your man bits in bondage, it must stop, at least for a while, if the above symptoms occur.

Keeping CBT Safe

If the submissive’s cock and balls are tied with thicker, soft rope, or velvet ties; and not too tightly, they may be left in bondage for hours.  Again, if severe discoloration occurs, untie them.  If they are in extreme pain from the bondage, untie them.

There is no hard and fast answer to this.  Be careful with the way you put a cock and balls, including your own, into bondage.  Keep a close eye on their condition.  Have scissors on hand in case you need a quick release from bondage, because keeping CBT safe allows you to relax and have more fun.

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