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The Question

My question is, is there a way to increase the size of testicles?
I am a 27-year-old from India. My balls are extremely small for my age. They are of the size of small oval grapes but flatter. Each testicle is smaller than about 1/4th or even 1/5th of the normal size. They are so tiny that whenever I get an erection, my balls disappear as if I don’t have them at all. I have a small penis too, but it’s not too small, about 5 inches when fully erect.
I read somewhere that edging and tease and denial can cause the testicles to swell to double their size. If this is true, how long would I have to go without cumming to make my balls double or triple their current size? I have tried edging before but could not last longer than a few minutes and came every time. In fact, chastity is easier for me than edging.
The longest I’ve gone without masturbating was about 50 days for another Mistress’ summer chastity challenge. But it did not make my balls bigger. My problem with edging is that when I get to the edge, I can’t hold it back and have a full orgasm. So is it possible to get swollen balls by just staying aroused with the help of porn or something without getting to the edge? If yes, how long would it take?
I’ve also read that CBT and ballbusting can cause swollen balls. I do like testicular pain. So if this is true, I would love to try it.
I just want to experience how it feels to have big swollen balls even if it’s temporary and even if it causes some pain and discomfort. So I’m willing to try whatever advice you give me because I believe you are the best person who can answer my curiosities.
I’m sorry for the lengthy email. Please forgive me if I wasted your precious time with this long email.
Thanks & Regards
shrimp balls

My Answer

I had to give this one some thought.  At first, I was not sure this question belonged on this blog because it is not about a fetish.  However, as I pondered the issue, I realized that the solution is all about a fetish.

Extended Edging

I have done extended edging, an intense form of tease and delay,  with many people and their balls never increased in size.  They will get tighter, making them look ever smaller.  I know you do not want that outcome, so this must be ruled out.


As you discovered, chastity will not increase the size of your testicles.  It will likely give a person blue balls, but in your case, they would be tiny blue balls.

Even long-term chastity is not going to solve your dilemma.


As a Mistress who is very fond of CBT (Cock and Ball Torture), I can tell you that testicles will get rather swollen after being repeatedly kicked, kneed a few times, stepped on, or struck with something like a riding crop over and over.

You need to be realistic in your expectations.  Your balls will get about half again larger than they are now, but they will not reach a reasonable size.  The effect is not permanent either, so this is a temporary solution at best.

With severe ball torture, you may achieve the larger balls you seek, but they can be permanently damaged which is why I avoid going to that extreme.


Since I am a phone Mistress and not a physician, this is out of my area of expertise.  I did search online and found several websites that talk about regular massage of testicles being very useful in increasing their size.

I cannot link to outside websites here, so please do a web search for “how to increase the size of testicles.”  I found a wealth of information and so will you.

In the meantime, you may have fun exploring some of the temporary fixes achieved by ball torture.

Best of luck to you, shrimp balls!