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The Question

Dear Miss Violet, I have noticed a kind of feeling I get if a woman mentions something or says something that feels emasculating to me. I noticed this first when I was in High School and heard a female mention penis size.  She emphasized how important it was.  It totally got my attention.  As time went on I thought or assessed that I was not real “big” and each time I would overhear or be involved in some type of conversation like that or a female would talk about “size” and it’s importance I would kind of “freeze”.  I could not believe my response was not noticed.

A couple of times a female playfully suggested I put on or try on panties.  I had the same kind of “freeze” response.  Like I could not object or say no.  I want to be clear – it was not a “thought” but more of a visceral, physical kind of response to the females.   All I can say is it is a kind of submissiveness that gets activated (strongly) any time women talk about size (especially if they are talking about how much they value it).  It is a deep kind of feeling.
Do you know what that “feeling” is?  Is it just embarrassment?  Submissiveness?  Is it a female somehow tapping into something I thought I was hiding or, at least, did not know she knew or sensed?
My Answer
I would say that what you describe is being humiliated, yet excited.  It causes a reaction that feels like your body and mind have frozen.  It is not unusual for this sensation to become mixed up with your sexual desires.
At some point, you find yourself seeking situations that give you that same feeling.  If you enjoy it, then have fun.  If it bothers you, I suggest some sort of therapy.  There is one form of therapy that can eliminate that desire for humiliation very quickly.
Everybody is Different
If you describe yourself as submissive, these early situations of humiliation likely helped to reinforce this aspect of your personality.  To me, it sounds as if you now enjoy the sensations of being embarrassed about the small size of your cock; even if the woman you are talking with has no idea that you are the possessor of a small dick.
My personal belief is that anything two (or more) consenting adults do between themselves is fine.  So I say don’t waste any time worrying about what the feeling is and simply enjoy it!  Any size cock can have a satisfying sex life.  Delivered properly, humiliation becomes erotic and that is a very exciting experience.