You have questions…I have answers

Where to Turn

So many people have questions about a fetish, or a kink, or something sexual in general.  Only they do not know who to ask.  I am going to make this easy for you.  Come to me!  Bondage, sissies, body worship…whatever!

Ask Me Anything

Before I worked here at LDW as a world class phone fantasy artist, I was a mental health professional.  I have counseled on every topic from families, to relationships, to sex.   My lengthy experience with being a lifestyle Mistress gave me extensive knowledge of all things kinky.

Here is the Deal

Email me  at with your question.  If you are not sure if you should ask me, ask me anyway.  I will answer you using all of my experience in the world of kink.  Occasionally I will post a question here on my blog, anonymously of course, and post my answer as well.

Why Post Them?

Because…if I feel your question is one that many others are likely to have…then I am helping a lot of other people by posting your question.   Those people will realize they are not alone, and my answer may assist them as well.

To Kink or Not

If you think your question may not be related to a fetish or kink, ask me anyway.  As long as it relates to a sexual topic, I will ponder my reply and give you my answer.

A Free Gift

If your question is chosen to be posted on my blog, you will get a special gift from me via email.  So be sure the email you provide is valid and secure.  That gift will be super sexy and for eyes only!!



For details on how to win