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Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Letter

Dear Empress Violet,

At what point does “edging” and “riding the edge” and even a “hard ridge of the edge” step over the line and become “gooning”?  Could you please address the topic of “gooning”?   I have been known to edge for prolonged periods of time and wonder–or perhaps aspire to be–a true blue goon.



My Answer

I am really glad that SDM wrote in, asking about this topic.  It is one that does not come up often.  I expect that you may be wondering what in the world “gooning” is.  So let’s start there, and then I will discuss the differences between edging, riding the edge, and gooning.  Most importantly, you will learn about achieving gooning.

Definition of Gooning

This is the state achieved after a prolonged session of edging.  It can be described as a meditative state where a man’s mind merges with his cock.  In this state, the male can become freed of all codes of social conduct.  Only his arousal dictates his reactions.  As a result, a gooned out man can become very expressive and demonstrative.  He may become very vocal, while his body and face might take on undignified expressions and poses.  Hence the term “goon”.

The Differences

Edging is simply getting to the edge of an orgasm, then backing off the edge.  Riding the edge is staying on that edge of release.  Not allowing yourself to go over and not backing off the edge either.  Both of these are actions.

So I would describe “gooning” as the state of mind a man can enter after extreme edging, or extreme masturbation.  What I mean by that is edging many times in a row, or masturbating over and over again.  This is, again, a state of mind.

How to Get There

You can reach the gooning state on your own, but it will likely take a good deal of stroking and/or edging to reach it.  Be prepared by having a few hours of private time, a lot of lube, lots of water to stay hydrated, and keep at it.

Your other option is to call me, or the Mistress of your choice, and request a gooning session.  You will need to allot at LEAST an hour.  Leave the call open as you would be most unhappy to have your call cut off just as you began to enter the gooning state.  These things cannot be rushed.

Curious to Know

Have you ever experienced the gooning meditative state?  What was achieving gooning like for you?  How did you achieve it?

Remember…I am here to answer all of your kink questions.  Just email me with your own question.  I will respond here in this blog.