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Here is the letter I received about a Chores and Errands fetish:


I located your kink advisor and noted your experience with questions related to fetishes and kink. I have a sort of two part question.

The first is, can needing/wanting to work for, or do chores and errands for a female, be a fetish? I feel like I have a sort of “abnormal” need to work for a female. It is not just the do things for girls kind of thing. It feels much, much stronger than that. I have lots of fantasies about being used and taken advantage of and doing chores for females for free.

More Demeaning is Better

I also look for real life opportunities to do chores for females and the worse the chore (more demeaning) it is the better it feels. I have made offers very successfully to pick up groceries or dry cleaning for women in my building. I have also done office errands for females that are not my job at all. It feels a little pathetic but I like it.

Is this a fetish??  It feels like a need.  I guess I will just leave it at that for now.

What do you think?


My Response

That is definitely a fetish.  I have known, and spoken with many men whose primary fetish is to serve women.  It is not about being polite, gentlemanly; or being paid for your work.  It is completely about being in service to a woman.  The more dominant the woman is, the more you will enjoy this work you do.


Like you, I know men who have placed ads offering their services free.  They always receive responses.  Some women cannot get past the fact that you will do it for free.  This makes them suspicious.  Move on.  The right woman will not care that you don’t want to be paid.  She will find that amusing and take you up on your office quickly.

Nasty Jobs

The fact that the nastier jobs please you most does point to a need for degradation.  This is a healthy way to get that need met.  You are of service to a woman, taking care of a dirty chore she doesn’t want to do.  As your reward, you get to indulge in your fetish and get balanced out again.

Personally, a service slave/submissive is the number one type of submissive I have accepted into my personal life.  A Mistress always needs chores done and errands run.  I have better things to do with my time and energy.  You can bet that many other women feel the same way.  Figuring out what your Mistress needs and giving it to her will bring you closer together.

Thank you for submitting your question “O”.  I know others who share your fetish will benefit from reading this post.

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