becoming a real life sissy maidThe Question

This sweet reader wants to know how to become a real life sissy maid.  Having helped a good number of my callers successfully find a lady to serve as a sissy maid, I can help!

Hi Miss Violet.

How do i become a sissy maid and serve a lady?


My Answer

The good news is that just about any sissy maid can find a Mistress to serve.  I use the term “Mistress” to include naturally dominant women who may have no knowledge of the Lifestyle.

If you just keep living your life, hoping to be approached by a Mistress, odds are not in your favor.  You need to step out of your comfort zone and take some action.  Get yourself out there.  Let the ladies know that you desire to be of service.

becoming a real life sissy maid

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A good place to begin is on Craigslist or a similar website.  Create a listing under the category “Services”, “Household”.  Make it straightforward.  Something like, “Man wishes to perform housework, yard work and other chores for a woman.  No payment expected.”  Have them contact you through the service.

Put your fears and worries aside.  Yes, you will likely get some less than wonderful responses.  People are not used to getting something for nothing.  They will think it’s some sort of scam.  Be prepared to convince them that you are for real.

Your Best Shot

Stay away from BDSM speak, such as “submissive” and “Dominant”.  If a woman responds and makes it clear that she is in the lifestyle, you can use those terms.  Otherwise keep it straightforward and short.

When a woman is interested in having you do work for her, meet her in a public place first.  Buy her coffee or make a better impression and buy her a nice lunch.  Show her that you know how to behave; that you are respectful, and will not embarrass her in front of her neighbors.

How to Keep Your Sissy Maid Position

  • Show up when you are expected
  • Follow Mistress’ orders
  • Do your very best always
  • Be respectful
  • Do not try to turn this into a sexual relationship unless she suggests it
  • Leave when your work is done

Feel free to call me so we can discuss your search for a sissy maid position.  I can coach you through getting a casual position, or finding a live in Mistress position for a long term submissive situation.

Miss Violet your kink advisor