Custom Audios

Your Fantasy+My Voice=Sizzling Audio

Custom Audios

So many of you tell me how much you enjoy my audios on our free sites like Teasemania and SissySchool.  Imagine having your personal fantasy on hand.  Your name uttered by my luscious lips.   Your special, personal fantasy…down to the last detail.   I really enjoy making custom audios and they provide you with a lot of joy again, and again, and again!

The Cost

Here are the prices:

5 minutes or less: $40*
6 to 10 minutes: $60*
11 to 15 minutes: $80*
16-30 minutes: $125*

Over 30 minutes: Email me at  for custom pricing.

*If you want me to write the script and record the audio for you, there will be a $20 writing charge on top of the prices above, for audios up to 10 minutes. Please inquire for longer scripts.

How to Order

It’s so easy!

  • E-mail me at with your idea or script
  • I will let you know how many minutes your audio will be, based on your script, and the cost
  • Go to to pay for your audio
  • Once I receive confirmation from dispatch that your order has been placed, I will begin work on your custom audio
  • Depending on the length, and whether I am writing the script, your audio will be done within 3 days to 2 weeks

Is it Worth it?

All I can tell you is that I have customers who have ordered a multitude of custom audios from me.  They rave about them (see my Testa-moan-ials page) and can’t seem to get enough.  You have to admit, there is something very appealing about having your own custom fantasy at hand…ready to listen to whenever you want…however many times you want.  Get the picture?  *smile* I look forward to recording a fabulous custom audio for you!

Miss Violet