Increasing the Size of Testicles

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The Question

My question is, is there a way to increase the size of testicles?
I am a 27-year-old from India. My balls are extremely small for my age. They are of the size of small oval grapes but flatter. Each testicle is smaller than about 1/4th or even 1/5th of the normal size. They are so tiny that whenever I get an erection, my balls disappear as if I don’t have them at all. I have a small penis too, but it’s not too small, about 5 inches when fully erect.
I read somewhere that edging and tease and denial can cause the testicles to swell to double their size. If this is true, how long would I have to go without cumming to make my balls double or triple their current size? I have tried edging before but could not last longer than a few minutes and came every time. In fact, chastity is easier for me than edging.
The longest I’ve gone without masturbating was about 50 days for another Mistress’ summer chastity challenge. But it did not make my balls bigger. My problem with edging is that when I get to the edge, I can’t hold it back and have a full orgasm. So is it possible to get swollen balls by just staying aroused with the help of porn or something without getting to the edge? If yes, how long would it take?
I’ve also read that CBT and ballbusting can cause swollen balls. I do like testicular pain. So if this is true, I would love to try it.
I just want to experience how it feels to have big swollen balls even if it’s temporary and even if it causes some pain and discomfort. So I’m willing to try whatever advice you give me because I believe you are the best person who can answer my curiosities.
I’m sorry for the lengthy email. Please forgive me if I wasted your precious time with this long email.
Thanks & Regards
shrimp balls

My Answer

I had to give this one some thought.  At first, I was not sure this question belonged on this blog because it is not about a fetish.  However, as I pondered the issue, I realized that the solution is all about a fetish.

Extended Edging

I have done extended edging, an intense form of tease and delay,  with many people and their balls never increased in size.  They will get tighter, making them look ever smaller.  I know you do not want that outcome, so this must be ruled out.


As you discovered, chastity will not increase the size of your testicles.  It will likely give a person blue balls, but in your case, they would be tiny blue balls.

Even long-term chastity is not going to solve your dilemma.


As a Mistress who is very fond of CBT (Cock and Ball Torture), I can tell you that testicles will get rather swollen after being repeatedly kicked, kneed a few times, stepped on, or struck with something like a riding crop over and over.

You need to be realistic in your expectations.  Your balls will get about half again larger than they are now, but they will not reach a reasonable size.  The effect is not permanent either, so this is a temporary solution at best.

With severe ball torture, you may achieve the larger balls you seek, but they can be permanently damaged which is why I avoid going to that extreme.


Since I am a phone Mistress and not a physician, this is out of my area of expertise.  I did search online and found several websites that talk about regular massage of testicles being very useful in increasing their size.

I cannot link to outside websites here, so please do a web search for “how to increase the size of testicles.”  I found a wealth of information and so will you.

In the meantime, you may have fun exploring some of the temporary fixes achieved by ball torture.

Best of luck to you, shrimp balls!


Fetish & BDSM Questions

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A Place to Ask Questions

I began this blog five years ago to give you a place to ask your fetish & BDSM questions, and get informed, discreet answers.  You responded with a flurry of emails asking about all sorts of kinky topics.  It has been a lot of fun addressing them for you.

Now I have answered all of your questions.  So I invite you to ask some more.  Things too personal to ask your doctor.  Questions too quirky for your friends to be able to address.  Topics too embarrassing to ask anywhere else really.

How to Submit Your Question

That is what I am here for.  My background is in the field of mental health, so I provided counseling and have a wealth of knowledge about  the mind.

I have been a lifestyle Mistress for 22 years, making me an authority on fetishes and BDSM.  If I cannot answer your question, I have a circle of very kinky friends who will be able to.

It is easy to submit your questions.  Email me:   You can use an anonymous email address and sign off as whatever you like.  Your real name, if I even know it, and any identifying information about you will never be revealed.

Ask Me Anything

You have read some, perhaps all, of the posts on this blog.  You know that I answer a very wide range of questions.  Do not be shy.  You have questions and you need answers.

When you email me a questions for this blog, please put “YourKinkAdvisor” in the subject line.  That way, I will know for sure that it is for this blog.  You will see my response posted here, so check back frequently.

I look forward to finding out what naughty things perplex you!


Keeping CBT Safe

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Miss Violet
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The Question:

I would like to know how long is proper to leave a sub in CBT?  Now, I know that there are several thoughts of what CBT should stand for.  I used to prefer Cock, Bondage & Torture to Cock & Ball Torture.  Of course, it actually stands for Controlling & Binding Toy.

But I was wondering how long is it safe to leave a sub bound?  The standard I have always heard/read is 20 minutes, but I have always thought 30 minutes was okay.  Recently I experienced several hours.  Is it possible to do that if tying the right part and in the right way?


My Answer:

You are always so amusing, toy.  While CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) may involve bondage, it does not have to.  I know that you enjoy being tied up.  It is a huge part of the turn-on for you.

What you really need to know is how long is it safe to leave a submissive’s cock and balls tied up?  Keeping CBT safe is an important issue and I am glad you asked.


The depends on how tightly the cock and balls are bound.  If it is tight, I would suggest untying them in 20 minutes, or less.  If they begin to turn black, untie them immediately.  If the submissive is in extreme pain due to the bondage, untie them immediately.

Bondage is one of the areas of BDSM that lead to the “safety first” rule.  No matter how much you enjoy having your man bits in bondage, it must stop, at least for a while, if the above symptoms occur.

Keeping CBT Safe

If the submissive’s cock and balls are tied with thicker, soft rope, or velvet ties; and not too tightly, they may be left in bondage for hours.  Again, if severe discoloration occurs, untie them.  If they are in extreme pain from the bondage, untie them.

There is no hard and fast answer to this.  Be careful with the way you put a cock and balls, including your own, into bondage.  Keep a close eye on their condition.  Have scissors on hand in case you need a quick release from bondage, because keeping CBT safe allows you to relax and have more fun.

Ask me Anything

This blog is your chance to ask me anything about BDSM, the Mistress/submissive relationship, kinky lifestyles, or fetishes.  Simply send your question to my email:

You will see your letter and my response here in the blog.  Be sure to sign off with the name you want me to use in my post.




Avoid Being a Doormat

avoid being a doormat
Your Kink Advisor- Mistress Violet

The Question:  What is a “doormat” and how do you know if you are one?

In books and forums I have seen people write about “true submission” as caring only about what your dominant wants, and putting your own desires aside.  I have to admit, I find it appealing to think that my Mistress’s needs come before my own.  Does this potentially make me a “doormat”?

In my defense, I certainly have opinions and desires, and would want to express those at appropriate times, but I would get great satisfaction knowing that, in most cases, her desires come first.


My Answer:

Avoid Being a Doormat

When someone refers to a person being a “doormat” they mean that the person is allowing people to treat them badly, with disrespect, and emotionally walk all over them.

Since you state that you do have opinions and desires and are willing and able to state them as needed, I do not believe you fit the description of a “doormat”.

Doormats in BDSM

It is important to remember that there are all sorts of BDSM relationships.  As long as both parties agreed to the D/s negotiations for the relationship and both are satisfied with the arrangement, then no one is being a “doormat”.

It is a choice to be submissive, or to be a slave.  It is a choice to give up your free will to your Mistress/Master.  Most subs and slaves consider it an honor.  If you asked someone outside of the lifestyle to give their opinion, they would likely judge it harshly, but that would be an opinion based on lack of knowledge of power exchange.

True Submission

If you asked a group of dominants and submissive what “true submission” means, you would get a wide variety of answers.  That is because it is subject to opinion.

A true submissive or slave does want to please their dominant, more than they want to please themselves.  That is a major aspect of being submissive.  If it gives you pleasure to put her first, it is not self abusive in the least.

Bottom Line

Try not to worry too much about your desire to please.  It only matters that you are happy and your Mistress is pleased with your service.  If you find yourself in a position where your needs are not being met, you will know it and be smart enough to address it before things are irreparable.

That is the best way to ensure you avoid being a doormat.


Handling Being Sub in Delicate Situations

being sub in delicate situations
Your Kink Advisor- Mistress Violet

The Letter

Mistress, i was wondering what is acceptable action by a submissive in those areas that someone is not usually supposed to act submissive? Especially in a situation like when a lady is definitely your Domme but she also has a “Dom”. In fact, he is her husband.   i get along with him great & he is great with me submitting to her.  Rubbing lotion on her & such.  But i do like those “romantic” aspects too.  Like holding hands. But also figuring out those other things.  Like having that person attend the company party with you.  Etc.

My Response

Every relationship is different.  When you have a third party involved in your relationship, things get more complicated.  That means that situations call for more detailed communication.  You did not say that she is a mean Mistress, so she is likely reasonable and willing to answer your concerns.

It’s great that you and your Domme’s husband get along well.  That is a really good starting point.  It should be acceptable for you to ask him how he feels about you demonstrating physical affection toward his wife in semi-public settings.  If he is okay with it and your Domme is okay with it, then you can do it.  If either, or both of them, objects then it would be best not to do it.

A Delicate Balance

The hardest thing about making a situation like yours work is making sure that everyone understands the rules, meaning the limits and boundaries.  They need to be stated and discussed right from the start.  When a boundary is infringed upon during the course of the relationship, it needs to be discussed again.

It is just like any other relationship, except there is a husband involved in this as well.  I suggest having well defined boundaries for certain situations.

Defining Boundaries

It would be very helpful for the three of you to come up with boundaries for:

  • Private setting play
  • Semi-Public setting play
  • Public Settings

Each setting has its own set of potential issues.  Better to discuss these ahead of time, and even write them down.  Then when you are faced with a situation like you currently have, you have something to refer to.

Respect is the Key

As long as you have respect for her, and for their relationship, she has respect for you and her relationship and her husband has respect for you and his marriage, then I believe you can work these situations out to everyone’s satisfaction.

It should not infringe on your enjoyment.  And yet, your enjoyment should never affect their marriage negatively.  I know you are well aware of that, and can keep that in mind.

Any others with similar situations?  Remember, you are welcome to email me with your question at  I will respond here as soon as possible.


Seeking a Dominant Partner

Miss Violet helps you find a dominant partner 800-601-6975
Miss Violet Helps you Search for a Dominant Partner 800-601-6975

The Question

My question for this topic is do you think one should start with the dominant woman and create a relationship or find a woman that one connects with and groom her to be dominant?


My Answer

Great question, simeon.  This is a subject that comes up frequently in sessions.  You may be one of the many who is seeking a dominant partner and wonder how best to achieve that.

I will start by advising you to look amongst the dominant women.  It makes no sense to go to church, and scope out women who might become dominant.  You vastly improve your odds by starting with the women, or men, most likely to meet your needs.

Obviously, that means you start with a dominant woman.  But that does not mean your search will be easy.  Prepare yourself for a possibly long search.  Here’s why.

Dating is a Numbers Game

All dating is.  When you add your desire for the pleasures of Dominant and submissive into the mix, it means there are more factors that you are searching for compatibility with.  Now your partner needs to be physically attractive to you, meet your intellectual needs, be liked by your friends, pass your mother’s approval, AND meet your kink needs.

It is not impossible to find a great dominant partner, but you will need to put yourself out there.  Now you are wondering what I mean by that.  I mean you need to get a profile on the major BDSM dating sites, and any specialty fetish dating sites that fit your needs.  Reach out to a lot of dominants.  Join a local BDSM group, or two, particularly FemDom clubs.  Attend munches and go to events.  Go to a lot of events so you meet as many of their members as possible.  You can’t attend once and get a realistic view of all of their members.

But Why Can’t I Groom a Dominant?

Because it does not work.  A dominant is born that way.  They do not learn it.  When a person is not dominant, they will not enjoy trying to be something they are not.  It will not eventually be sexy for them.  It will feel grotesquely wrong to you.

What you are seeking is that magical chemistry between your submissive self and your dominant partner.  You can’t train it, teach it, force it, or make it happen.  It either is or it isn’t.  When you find a non-dominant partner and then try to groom them, it leads to disappointment for you, confusion for them, and you are soon back out there looking.  So just start with the kinky pool.

Assistance With Seeking a Dominant Partner

I am happy to help you with your search for a dominant partner.  I do not post profiles for you.  What I do is advise you about websites, help you screen interested dominants based on the language they use and any red flags I see, help you word your profile, and answer any questions that come up for you as your search continues.

I have a lot of experience doing this and have helped clients find the dominant partner they longed for.  You can be next!


Humiliation Becomes Erotic

Find out how humiliation becomes erotic 800-601-6975
Kinky Phone Fun with Miss Violet 800-601-6975
The Question

Dear Miss Violet, I have noticed a kind of feeling I get if a woman mentions something or says something that feels emasculating to me. I noticed this first when I was in High School and heard a female mention penis size.  She emphasized how important it was.  It totally got my attention.  As time went on I thought or assessed that I was not real “big” and each time I would overhear or be involved in some type of conversation like that or a female would talk about “size” and it’s importance I would kind of “freeze”.  I could not believe my response was not noticed.

A couple of times a female playfully suggested I put on or try on panties.  I had the same kind of “freeze” response.  Like I could not object or say no.  I want to be clear – it was not a “thought” but more of a visceral, physical kind of response to the females.   All I can say is it is a kind of submissiveness that gets activated (strongly) any time women talk about size (especially if they are talking about how much they value it).  It is a deep kind of feeling.
Do you know what that “feeling” is?  Is it just embarrassment?  Submissiveness?  Is it a female somehow tapping into something I thought I was hiding or, at least, did not know she knew or sensed?
My Answer
I would say that what you describe is being humiliated, yet excited.  It causes a reaction that feels like your body and mind have frozen.  It is not unusual for this sensation to become mixed up with your sexual desires.
At some point, you find yourself seeking situations that give you that same feeling.  If you enjoy it, then have fun.  If it bothers you, I suggest some sort of therapy.  There is one form of therapy that can eliminate that desire for humiliation very quickly.
Everybody is Different
If you describe yourself as submissive, these early situations of humiliation likely helped to reinforce this aspect of your personality.  To me, it sounds as if you now enjoy the sensations of being embarrassed about the small size of your cock; even if the woman you are talking with has no idea that you are the possessor of a small dick.
My personal belief is that anything two (or more) consenting adults do between themselves is fine.  So I say don’t waste any time worrying about what the feeling is and simply enjoy it!  Any size cock can have a satisfying sex life.  Delivered properly, humiliation becomes erotic and that is a very exciting experience.


Preparing Mentally For Sissy Roleplay

get sissy role play advice from miss violet 800-601-6975
Sissy Role Play Advice      Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Question

I am a straight male who enjoys some cross-dressing sissy play, but I do not think I fit the “textbook” definition of sissy, I do not want to be a girly girl who craves cock. I like it when a Mistress dresses me as a sissy and even coerces cock-sucking, where the erotic thrill of cock-sucking in that scenario is not the cock, but rather an opportunity to demonstrate my obedience and devotion to the Mistress who asks it, and maybe bring a smile to her face if watching a sissy suck cock is what she enjoys.

Recently I was contacted on facebook by another sissy desperate for role play. Since I do use a feminine name on facebook, it is not too uncommon for people to think I am a Mistress. I notify them, and usually they reply with something like “Well this is awkward” and that’s that.

This one didn’t, we ended up talking and now are going to attempt a role play. The scenario, which I came up with, is that a Mistress is organizing a bachelor party except instead of having anatomical females dancing for the rowdy drunk boys, she is going to have two sissies dancing for them, me and the other person.

Since guys like to see girl on girl action at bachelor parties, me and this other sissy have been instructed to become familiar and comfortable with each other so that when we are dancing for the boys, we can do girl on girl action for them and look comfortable doing so.

So it’s a coerced bi scenario.

Part of me doesn’t want to do it because I am straight and this isn’t a scenario where I am following a Mistress’ command, but part of me is really excited to do it because it is an opportunity to explore how I would really respond if a Mistress did put me into this situation. This will be done via chat with no video, so it is safe. 

I want to do this, but I am having trouble mentally preparing and I hope that maybe you might have some tips that can help. It is a role play and I see it as a way to prepare for the possible event of someday being able to do this for a Mistress and that is what makes it exciting, but there are still mental blocks I need to overcome. I want to have fun and I am hoping the other person has fun too.


My Answer

I am glad you contacted me about this.  A really fun opportunity has come to you for coerced sissy play and you want to take advantage of it.  This is very exciting!  I can understand the part of you that is feeling nervous.  Being mentally prepared can make a big difference in the enjoyment you get from a new situation, like this one.

There are some things you can do in advance to prepare yourself for the role play.

Gearing Up

  • Visualization:  Take some time to close your eyes and visualize yourself in the scenario.  See yourself cross dressed, feeling excited and nervous, and having a great time.  If a situation arises that causes you to feel nervous, visualize yourself calmly handling it with ease.  Doing this will allow you to feel more comfortable when the role play is happening, because you would have done this before in your mind.
  • Facing your fears:  Write down three worst fears you have about this role play.  Then write down a plan for how you will handle it, should it come up.  Having a plan makes you better prepared.
  • Psyching Yourself Up:  Just before you do this role play, tell yourself “This is going to be a lot of fun”, “I am going to love this role play”, “This is something I really want to do”.  What you tell yourself becomes your reality.

The Big Event

When you are in the middle of this role play, remember that it is acceptable and healthy to be firm with your boundaries.  If you said in advance that you are not comfortable with anal sex, and the other sissy tries to bring that into the scene, you can say “I am not comfortable with that.  Let’s leave that out of this scene.”  And then get back to the fun.

Knowing you can do this may even eliminate some of your worries.

Sissy Chat

Preparing mentally for sissy roleplay helps to ensure you have a great session.  Please do let me know how your role play goes.  I am sending you positive intentions for a very exciting, successful first sissy role play.  You will find that I enjoy a little chat with sissies; hearing about their adventures.  Have fun!

Lift and Carry Fetish

lift and carry fetish phone sex with Miss Violet 800-601-6975
Kinky Phone Sex with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Letter

I have a weird fetish.  How do I tell my wife about my Lift and Carry fetish? 

When we first met we used to give each other piggybacks.  After we married it stopped.  I messed up by not telling her prior to our marriage.  I asked for a piggyback last month and she replied “are you a kid?”  I don’t know what made her stop.

I’ve had mistresses do this for me.  They all enjoy doing it because of the challenge/exercise and say “You need to tell her.  It’s not as weird as you’re making it out to be.   If my man got turned on by this, I’d do it”.  I feel bad doing this though. Even though we don’t touch each other sexually, its wrong that I see them to fulfill my fetish.  

I’m not sure how to go about telling her.  I tried to block out the fetish but I can’t.  What is your advice?

Heavy Hearted

My Advice

Your fetish is not weird.  It is a unique fetish, but compared to some out there, your fetish is pretty tame.  So I agree with what your Pro Dommes have been saying in that your fetish is not as weird as you have thought.  I have known couples, in my personal life, who enjoy giving each other piggybacks, or horsey rides on all fours, or even picking each other up and carrying them around.  Nothing wrong with that, as long as everyone’s backs are nice and strong.

Taking a Step Back

It sounds like you have not actually told your wife that Lift and Carry is a fetish for you.  That getting and giving piggybacks is a sexual turn on for you.  Sharing your secrets can be scary.  So when you asked her for a piggyback ride, out of the blue, it probably seemed random to her.  I would like you to take a step back and see that conversation from her perspective.  You knew it turns you on.  She had no idea.

So it makes sense to take the next opportunity you have with her to have a serious conversation on this topic.  You can say something like, “Remember when I asked you recently for a piggyback ride?”  She will likely say something like, “Yes.  What was that about?”  She may laugh a little.  Do not be deterred.  She needs this important piece of the puzzle so this whole thing can make some sense to her.  This is where you say, “I never told you this, and I should have, but piggyback rides are a sexual turn-on for me.”  Your wife will probably be surprised and have some questions for you.  Answer them honestly and do not allow yourself to get emotional.  It’s okay if she, you, or both of you laugh a little.  It is an unusual fetish, but again…it is a harmless one.

A Whole New Game

Ask her to have some fun with you.  Give your wife a piggyback ride and tell her, specifically, what it is about doing it that turns you on.  Then, ask her if she would mind giving you one.  Again, tell her what it is about that experience that is so sexual for you.  If you cannot verbalize it now, give that some thought before you bring this up with her.  Hearing your explanation will help her gain some understanding about your fetish.  With understanding comes more acceptance.

Human Touch

There are many people who crave human touch more than anything else.  Perhaps this lift and carry fetish began for you in gaining some lengthy human touch.  It can be difficult to pinpoint the source of a fetish, and I feel it is usually a waste of time worrying about it.  You have this fetish.  It is a part of you.  It has not, and will not just go away.  So let’s put your energy into finding a way to incorporate it into your marriage.

If that proves to be impossible, have a serious talk with your wife about other ways you can get that need met, that are acceptable to her.  Your primary relationship is the core of your life and it deserves respect.  Many times, when a women understands that a fetish is so strong that you will need to find relief outside of the relationship if she is not willing to participate in some way, she finds a way to make it work between the two of you.  I am not advocating using this as leverage to get what you want.  But know that this could happen if other attempts fail.  This is one of the reasons I am such a fan of being open and honest from the start.

I’m Curious

It is likely that other readers of this blog have unique fetishes that they have discussed with their wives or girlfriends.  I would like to hear from you.  What is your fetish?  What did you say to your partner and how did that go for you?  If you have been able to include your fetish in your primary relationship, how did you do it?

Choosing the right Mistress gives you an outlet to explore your fetish via discussion, fantasy or roleplay.  This is important so you do not neglect your fetish entirely.

If you have a kinky question you would like me to answer, or unusual phone sex fantasies you have questions about, email your question to me at:   I will answer your question here in this blog.

Miss Violet 800-601-6975
Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Controlling Your Fetish

controlling your fetish with Miss Violet 800-601-6975
Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Question

Do you think that a man can control his fetishes for a long time; or maybe that he can change them?


My Answer

Hello Sonar.  Thank you for writing to me with your question about controlling your fetish.  This is a topic that comes up during my calls at least once a week.  Since you ask a two-part question, I must give you my answer in two parts as well.  I will begin with addressing your first question, as flip flopping around will only cause more confusion than already exists.  *smile*

Controlling a Fetish

I know that if you have a fetish you desire to control, and you are willing to put effort into it, you can control it.  What I mean by controlling a fetish is giving regular attention to that fetish.  If you love sexy women’s shoes and you need to stroke into such a shoe to fulfill that need, then you need to find a way to do just that.  I suggest starting by introducing your fetish to your significant other.

If your significant other is open to some erotic shoe play, that is the most fulfilling way to go about keeping your fetish side happy.   If she does not want to participate with you, but is fine with you stroking into one of her pretty shoes, then you borrow the shoe and have fun when the desire arises.  Even if she is not willing to loan you a pretty shoe, your fetish still must be taken care of.  So perhaps you purchase a pair of sexy shoes exclusively for the purpose of stroking into.   If you cannot have physical evidence on hand, then you call a phone sex service and do a sexy shoe worship role play.

A Fetish Does Not Go Away

Please understand that when you have a fetish, it is a deep seated part of your psyche.  It will not just go away.  No matter how you try to ignore it, or push it to the far recesses of your mind.  It will rear it’s head again and again.  And if you do not find a satisfying way to indulge that fetish, it will get more powerful and could endanger other aspects of your life.  Rather like a pet crocodile left to fend for itself.  Bad juju.

This is why purging your fetish toys fails.  What I mean is getting rid of your strap-on, your cross-dressing wardrobe, and other paraphernalia you use when you indulge in your fetish.  If the thought crosses your mind to get rid of it, lock it up in a box and hide it or put it in a storage unit.  You will want and need it again, so why waste all of that money?

Changing a Fetish

You now know that a fetish does not go away, but for many people your fetish can be trained to be satisfied in a different way.  For instance, someone who is curious about anal sex and was having anonymous sex with strangers can be trained to get pleasure from anal play with dildos and butt plugs.  If you are aroused by humiliation, finding out the source of that need can result in discovering a different way to fill the core need.   This is true for many fetishes.  But you must want to change and be deeply committed to it.

Just popping a Tootsie Pop in your mouth every time you crave a cock is not going to work.  You need to find out why you crave that cock first.  If the root issue is the desire for something taboo, there are other taboo acts that can take the place of sucking a cock.  However, if the root issue is that you are bi-sexual or homosexual, you will always crave that cock.  There is no point trying to find something to replace your basic sexual instinct.

Helping You With Your Fetish

As I have said many times before in my various blogs, every caller is an individual with unique issues.  If you have a fetish you need help with, give me a call.  My background in mental health and my extensive experience in the fetish world gives me the expertise to assist you with finding a way to satisfy your fetish.  If you want to change your fetish, I can likely assist you with that too.

Have you ever tried to stop your fetish?  How did you do that?  When did you realize that controlling your fetish was not going to work?

Have you been able to replace your fetish with another activity?

I would love to hear about your experiences.